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This system is not rated for anything other than Experimental aircraft, use at your discretion concerning aftermarket performance products.
Be aware that while this works as a range extender, we in no way advertise this as a system to be used instead of the standard amount of fuel that you would normally budget for any given flying distance.

Farther, Faster, Greener

  • Take off on shorter runways, with increased throttle response, horsepower and thrust
  • Burn fuel more completely and adds hydrogen as additional fuel
  • Steeper climbs and up to 45% more flying hours per tank
  • Reduces carbon buildup
  • Extended hours between engine overhauls
  • Reduced heat stress - up to 20F cooler
  • Extended hours between oil changes

Additional Details

Contact us directly via the information at the bottom of the page, if you email us, also supply a contact phone number and we will be in contact within 1-3 business days.