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HS 320-HO

  • Typical gains 25- 35% and up increase in fuel economy! With a 15% increase guarantee. ( conditions apply )
  • We do not tune or reprogram anything in the computer system.
  • Gets rid of harmful carbon deposits!
  • Pass previously failed DEQ checkouts
  • We have a 30-day Money-back guarantee.
  • Lowers oil temps by average 25 degrees.
  • Longer time between oil changes.

The HS 320 HO is a high performance water / hydrogen fuel injection system, using only distilled water as a liquid fuel source, a small percentage methanol is added for frost protection in freezing temperatures . This system allows you to put money back in your pocket by increasing fuel efficiency and reducing downtime..

This system will also allow you to maintain loaded speeds ,more efficiently, ensuring that your loads arrive on time. Will typically not affect new truck warranty. See US Code Title 15, Chapter 50, Sec. 2301-2312 of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The HS 320 HO is a fully adjustable system , allowing the unit to be used on almost all heavy duty diesel engine applications.The water injection is powered by a 45-220 psi. constant duty pump , amp draw is 4.8 amps 12 VDC.. Typical water consumption is 1 to 1.5 gallons per hr., trucks that are pulling heavy benefit from the higher level of water use. Lightly loaded trucks with lower EGTs use less water per hr.Water usage is controlled by adjusting the variable pressure control on the pump, for larger changes a corresponding injector tip change can be made very easily in the field.

Farther, Faster, Greener

  • Largely eliminates the EGR downtime issues, the exhaust is cooler and much cleaner.
  • Produces the gains we advertise at under 8 amp total constant draw..
  • More horsepower and a higher torque range throughout the power band at normal driving style,.!
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces black soot under normal driving conditions..
  • Quicker turbo spool up.
  • Now able to use all of your horsepower without high EGTs in most performance or race tuned trucks.
  • Drastically prolongs engine life through cooler engine temps and reduced carbon buildup.
  • Will not harm the engine or the system even if you run out of water
  • Will not set a CEL or trouble code if installed as directed..
  1. This system is Mechanic- Install friendly with the HS 32 Install Kit, this kit typically includes drill bit and tap for the hot and cold side ports. High temp hoses, hose clamps, 25 Ft. of pump power wire, 25 ft. of 1/8 OD water charge line, main power wire and terminals for power to the system..

  2. The install kit also comes with emailed photo directions if you supply photos of your engine, we also offer verification of correct installation practices if photos are supplied post install. If you have any questions that are not covered in the instruction manual, we are just a phone call away.

International 9900 2007 Model Tandem Drive Axles Heavy Diesel Configure I am very satisfied with the performance of our Aquatune International system, on our 2007 International 9900 semi tractor with a Cummins ISX engine rated @ 475 HP.We haul rock for a a stone quarry with B Trains grossing 139,500 pounds. With this system we can increase our mileage overall by 17.4% ( when driving aggressively ) to as high as 34.4% if we drive normally and similarly to the previous trips pre-Aquatune. Horsepower and Torque is up and black smoke and high EGTs are greatly reduced, allowing us to better maintain the speed limit on hills even while loaded, with considerable less gear shifting required. What is not to like about this, it pays for itself quickly and is certainly more productive time wise because of being able to maintain our loaded speed on hills. Joe W Milverton ON