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Longer hours on the lake in your bass boat or faster cruising speeds in commercial diesel-powered boats, either way, the systems that we have available for your craft can make your life significantly easier and more profitable. Our system work to more efficiently burn the fuel that you put through your engine, increasing the horsepower and allowable prop options while decreasing heat and carbon induced engine wear. We have various options available, contact us with your year, make, model, engine size, Horsepower rating, fuel type, and turbo or NA engine info, for a list of the options that would suit your goals.

Benefits of Aquatune Marine Systems

    Farther, Faster, Greener
  • Increased horsepower and allowable prop options.
  • Decreased heat and carbon engine wear.
  1. Contact us directly via the information at the bottom of the page, if you email us, also supply a contact phone number for you, and we will be in contact within 1-3 business days.