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Micro Thrust

  • The MicroThrust combines the proven technologies of water / hydrogen injection into one finely tuned compact system.
  • Produces 2.5L of hydrogen per minute, per generator at under 1 amp.
  • More horsepower and a higher torque range throughout the acceleration curve! Especially with the MicroThrust Xtended or Xtreme Series.
  • Eliminates pre-detonation or (knock).
  • Enhances turbo spool up in modified or turbo charged applications.
  • Now able to use regular fuel instead of premium fuel in performance or race tuned applications.
  • Drastically prolongs engine life by lowering engine temps and reducing carbon levels.
  • Will not harm the engine or the system even if you run out of water
  • Idle rpms become much smoother and quieter, and throttle response much smoother and aggressive on the rev cycle.

The MicroThrust is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, water injection and an ultra-sonic air regulator, utilizing a hydrogen generator. This cutting-edge hybrid dual fuel system allows you to put money back in your pocket, through fuel efficiency increase and extended overhaul intervals on air or liquid cooled engines..

This system will fit to virtually every gasoline/LPG 4 stroke small engine. The only thing that may be different from one to the next is the point of injection. Some engines require an injector nozzle for every intake runner while other engines only require one injector nozzle after the throttle body. This system can be installed by yourself or you can take it to your mechanic. The install kit includes photo instructions for your exact engine and is included with every system. Will typically not void new engine warranty. See US Code Title 15, Chapter 50, Sec. 2301-2312 of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Gasoline AquaTune Comparison Chart

Micro Thrust

Micro Thrust

Micro Thrust Xtended 1

Micro Thrust Xtended x 1

Micro Thrust Xtended 2

Micro Thrust Xtended x 2

Additional Details

The MicroThrust is the smallest framed unit that we have, which is great because it is designed for small applications, however do not let that fool you, where fuel efficiency and throttle response are important, we shine.

Where power equipment is being operated in semi-enclosed spaces, this system will allow the engines to run with almost unnoticeable exhaust smell. This allows for much greater worker comfort and reduced time off periods. While we do not suggest operating in those conditions, it is simply true that air quality around any stock-combustion engine tends to be compromised at best.

When all out fuel efficiency, high performance goals, or ultra clean burn is your primary goal contact us about our MicroThrust Xtreme Series. This system has an additional generator for every cylinder of engine size, and takes the performance in all mentioned benefits to an entirely new level.