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Aquatune Emissions Case Studies

The AquaTune Water Injection System has helped many owners pass previously failed DEQ emissions tests. In an effort to show you how our system can help your car run "clean and mean" we've presented some actual emission before and after reports. Here's a brief break-down of the terminology used in the studies and reports:

  • CO's: using too much fuel
  • HC's: hydrocarbons, running poorly or misfiring or too much carbon
  • NOx: too much heat in combustion chamber creating a noxious gas that is harmful to the environment

1977 Cadillac

Fixed emissions problem

This vehicle didn't pass because the engine was not running efficiently enough, it was burning too much fuel. All that was done was to install the water injection system. Now note the consequent reduction in both HC's and CO's.

1994 Toyota Tercel

Emissions, and excess oil burning eliminated

This test had to be aborted because the vehicle was burning oil excessively past the engine rings. After the water injection system was installed the vehicle was allowed run for two hours and the smoke emissions were cleared up and the rings cleaned up.

1990 Dodge Caravan

Fixed emissions problem

Please note the emissions on NOx and CO's. This customer had been told that he needed to replace the CAT converter and a major tune-up. Estimated amount for these repairs was $800. The water injection system was installed and the vehicle passed the emissions test easily.

1990 Dodge Voyager

Fixed emissions problem

Different vehicle but, essentially the same problem as the Dodge Caravan in that this vehicle was failing on the NOx. The water injection system was installed, the vehicle passed the emissions test and the customer saved approximately $600 in repairs.

1997 BMW, M3 3.2L

Fixed emissions problem

Before, NOX reading as it was certainly borderline from passing. The After reading shows the dramatic drop in the NOX.

Toyota 1.8L Straight 4

Improved HP and torque

Before AquaTune - HP = 10.5
AFTER AquaTune -HP = 12.5

1980 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Improved emissions

Note the reduction in emissions in the Before and After.