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1988 Jeep Cherokee

Hello AquaTune,
I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee with 260,000 miles. Most of my driving is city driving, a lot of starting and stopping. As with any car that old and that many miles on it, I was having trouble getting it to pass inspection. It had also become very sluggish over the years and didn't have the pickup and horsepower it once had.

A friend told me about a product called AquaTune. Iasked him if they had a website where I could learn more about it. He said the website After researching it thoroughly, I called the distributor closest to me and met with him. HestatedANDconvinced me that the AquaTuneunit could improve the performanceAND gas mileage of my '88 model Jeep.

I have had the unit on my Jeep fora little over twomonths. I amVERY pleased with it. My horsepower has increasedtremendously (it has pickup like it had when I first bought it),AND my gas mileage went from 12.5 to the last time I checked it 17.8. Almost 18 miles per gallon, city driving in the TEXAS summerWITH the air conditioner running. (Amazing)

I wholeheartedly endorse the AquaTune unit. I thank my friend every time I see him for introducing me to AquaTune."I may get another 260,000 miles out of my Jeep"!!!
Ken B.
Dallas, TX