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1992 SAAB 9000

Dear AquaTune folks,
I had Nick install an AquaTune unit in March of 2004. I am a sales rep. and travel 50-60,000 miles per year. I've driven my 1992 SAAB 9000 Turbo 30-40,000 miles with this unit on it. The power is unbelievable and this 2.3L turbo runs like a supercharged V-8. The fuel economy went from 25-26 mpg to 29-30 mpg on regular unleaded gasoline. By now I have a total of 250,000 miles on this engine and it runs as good now as when I first bought it. I highly recommend this fine system. Consequently I've chosen to become an Authorized Sales Rep. on behalf of AquaTune.

Wayne Burns
Cheyenne, WY