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'79 Olds Cutlass

Hello Folks, Just had something I figured you might be interested in hearing. I recently installed an aquatune on my '79 Olds Cutlass with a '73 350 Rocket V-8. The power increase was awesome, part throttle torque hugely increased, and the fuel economy improved (I'm not sure how much yet. . . I've been enjoying the power increase a little too much). Anyways, I think the aquatune saved my motor though. . . I had a massive oil leak coming from under the (aftermarket) intake I put on the engine, so I pulled it off again and 
replaced the gaskets (with help from a friend). In the process of putting it all back together, we somehow forgot to tighten the heater hose down. On the test drive it blew off when I hit WOT and 30mph in 1st gear, covering the windshield in coolant. For some incomprehensible, stupid reason, I didn't bother to check the coolant level and simply re-attached the hose. Shortly afterward, I installed the aquatune. I kept thinking my car was running hot but for some reason didn't think to check the coolant level. Anyways, to make a long story short, I had the "hot" light come on and soon found that the radiator had very little coolant in it. I'm fairly certain that had I not had the combustion-cooling aquatune system on, I would have burned the engine up. But I just put some water in the radiator and went on my way, without a problem since. I'll get back to you as soon as I get some fuel economy numbers.Thanks for a great product,
Sam W.