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Commercial LPG Forklifts and Medium Duty Diesel truck

To whom it may concern, I hereby inform you that Aquamotors represented by Mr. Hector Morales Arriago was carried out in our facilities of the Industrialized Fish Plant (PINSA) a trial period using hydrogen technology to replace some of the LPG as fuel in forklifts of our fleet of vehicles, likewise it was tested in a vehicle type diesel combustion platform. The trial period lasted for 7 months, applying this new technology in two forklifts with a capacity of 5,000 lb., the forklift # 12 operated for 16 hours. On the other hand, the forklift # 16 operated 24 hours a day, to evaluate the performance of the technology was carried out the constant monitoring by the Technical Coordination area and the Head of the Forklift Workshop, obtaining the following benefits and advantages # Considerable reduction in fuel consumption (around 20% Both LPG and on a Medium Duty diesel delivery truck # Optimum equipment speed, without flaws and similar speed efficiency when using traditional fuels. # More friendly to the environment, generates less polluting emissions. # Compact system, aesthetic and easy to install. Based on our experience and the tests carried out, I give my recommendation of the efficiency and advantages of hydrogen technology. Sincerely, Ing. Hector Valenzuela. Technical coordinator Transalated and lightly edited for clarity from our satisfied customer in Mexico.
H. V.
(PINSA ) Plant Mexico