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Ford Escape xlt 3.0L V6 '03

I would like to highly thank the team @ AquaTune International (Dave Miller and gang) for widening my thoughts on an aquatune system. I had it professionally installed by Lopez Mechanic , Woodinville WA. ( A Aquatune Xtreme 6-way series hydrogen system) & complimented it with Weapon-R® 307-139-401 - Secret Weapon Aluminum Neo Titanium Short Ram Cold Air Intake System, Magnaflow direct fit ODBII high performance catalytic converters with catback on my '03 Ford Escape xlt 3.0L V6. The reason for the conversion is due to my monthly gas bill ran approximately 600+ dollars per month. As soon as I get a chance to calculate the new mileage I will report it. I’m in the process in blowing out the old black exhaust before calculating new one. UPDATE : Old mileage was 11 mpg city 20 mpg hwy. New 19 mpg city-that’s over 72 % increase. New 31.67 mpg hwy- that’s over 58% increase. I’m definitely impressed. Thank you Aquatune!
Jorge Archilla
Bothell Wa