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International 9900 2007 Model Tandem Drive Axles Heavy Diesel

I am very satisfied with the performance of our Aquatune system, on our 2007 International 9900 semi tractor with a Cummins ISX engine rated @ 475 HP.We haul rock for a a stone quarry with B Trains grossing 139,500 pounds. With this system we can increase our mileage overall by 17.4% ( when driving aggressively ) to as high as 34.4% if we drive normally and similarly to the previous trips pre-Aquatune. Horsepower and Torque is up and black smoke and high EGTs are greatly reduced, allowing us to better maintain the speed limit on hills even while loaded, with considerable less gear shifting required. What is not to like about this, it pays for itself quickly and is certainly more productive time wise because of being able to maintain our loaded speed on hills.
Joe W
Milverton ON