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Aquatune HB Plus Installation Guide

Water Fuel Technology for Everyone

Benefits of AquaTune Systems

  • Improves fuel economy and emissions by 20-35% or more.
  • Some customers report improvements of 50-60% and beyond!
  • Our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee makes it easy to see REAL results fast.
  • Powerful Return on Investment...lowers operating costs and extends engine life.
  • Up to 30% or more increases in horsepower!
  • Will not harm the engine even if you run out of water.
  • Fast installations (1.5-4 hours) with vehicle-specific instructions provided by email.
  • Only distilled water (and a little methanol in the winter) is used. No Electrolytes are used.
  • Will not interfere with stock emissions equipment.
  • Pass previously failed emission tests by lowering your emissions!
  • Steam cleans harmful carbon deposits to reduce operating costs.
  • Drastically reduces engine wear indicators to prolong engine life.
  • Lowers oil temperatures by an average of 25 degrees.
  • Longer time between oil changes.
  • Quicker turbo spool-up.
  • Enables use of regular fuel instead of premium.
  • Eliminates pre-detonation on most stock vehicles and reduces detonation in nonstock engines almost entirely.
  • Never needs computer or sensor manipulators, even on OBDII vehicles.
  • Should Not void new car warranties.
  • 5-days per week technical support.
  • Each AquaTune System comes with a two-year processor warranty.

The AquaTune products are highly precise injection systems consisting of air injection, water injection, and ultra-sonic air injection that also utilize a hydrogen generator. This amazing science allows you to put money back in your pocket every week and can drastically reduce your emissions overnight by enabling any engine to operate as a safe and efficient hybrid.

Global CO2 levels continue to rise at an alarming rate. Our products can reduce emissions overnight on every single vehicle by 20-50% or more (see Case Studies) while putting money back in the pockets of each driver. We appreciate our supporters who help by sharing our website, talking about our products, and especially to our customers who use our products to help us all enjoy a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

AquaTune System Explained

The AquaTune system injects a 40% water and 60% hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture into an engine's air intake system. For gasoline-powered cars, the processor weighs less than 3 lbs. and fits in your hand. The processor unit has 3 inputs: Distilled water, air, and a small amount of electricity from the alternator or battery. A water reservoir tank is installed under the hood and the water is brought up to the processor by vacuum. This maintains a strong vacuum signal to the processor (down to 2.9 inches of manifold vacuum) throughout the power band and automatically adjusts to driving at sea-level or any altitude. Each processor has a barometric echo chamber and a water charging chamber.

A Venturi vacuum pulls air at high speeds into the processor's echo chamber before it collides with a tuning fork to induce a frequency response in the water. The echo chamber gives off ultrasonic frequencies when air (under vacuum) is drawn through the chamber. Do not be alarmed if you hear a slight "hissing" noise coming from the processor, as this is caused by air velocity and frequency and is necessary to crack the water. It is not a vacuum loss. Our design can operate in either an open-loop and closed-loop configuration with the air intake system.

Inside the water charging chamber, water is violently torn apart by cavitation, frequency, pressure, and static charge. This, in turn, loosens the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which "cracks" the water. This cracked water now enters into one or more hydrogen generators powered by a 12-volt power source. The size and number of hydrogen generators will vary depending on the desired results of each installation.

Because the water is cracked, it is extremely easy to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen using less than 0.5 amps to produce 2.5 Liters of hydrogen per minute. The hydrogen generator has two functions: a small pass-way in the generator allows a portion of the cracked water to pass through while the rest of the water is converted efficiently into hydroxy gas by electrolysis (both hydrogen suspension and flammable gas is generated). This water-gas mixture is injected into the air intake system using venturi nozzles, where it then is pulled into the engine's combustion chamber during the intake stroke. Pressure and heat release the mixture's potential energy during the engine's power stroke.

The power stroke lasts only a fraction of a second and engines are notoriously inefficient at turning fossil fuel into usable energy (20-38%). Hydrogen gas has an incredibly fast flame speed and high diffusion coefficient, which enables a more efficient and complete burn of the fossil fuel. The water component acts as a built-in safety for the hydroxy gas, steam cleans harmful carbon deposits, and lowers engine temperatures by an average of 20-25 degrees. The robust combustion signature passing the O2 sensor tells the computer to hold back on the fuel without using any kind of computer manipulators. This will be easy to see with a computer scanner as it will show both the long-term and the short-term fuel trims to be in the negative range.

AquaTune units have long life spans (10-15 years) and less than 1% require repairs. The unit is anodized inside and out and nickel-plated nipples are used at entry and exit points to resist corrosion. Each unit uses stainless steel water jetting and has internal filtration down to 17 microns. This is the result of continually improving our products since 1972.

Most people report fuel efficiency gains of 35% or more. Our website has video documentation of gains in the 40-80% range, includes 100 written testimonials and case studies that show before/after emissions improvements using State inspections. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every sale and our immediate goal is to help you to safely get the most out of your engine, which supports our ultimate goal of providing cleaner and greener skies for everyone. In most cars, a two quart (half-gallon) water tank will last about 10-13 gallons of fuel, depending on driving conditions. In cold weather methanol anti-freeze or HEET fuel treatment is added to the water tank, which can be purchased at any auto parts store or racing fuel dealer (see FAQs). While only a small percentage of methanol is required for frost protection, some customers increase the mix rato up to 49/51 to enjoy the performance boost. We recommend ONLY distilled water to avoid possible mineral buildup which can reduced function of the system and will void the warranty.

Prior to installation, it is advisable to have a good baseline of fuel economy, to tune-up your vehicle with non-platinum plugs if applicable, and to make sure the OEM's O2 sensor is in good operating condition to ensure the highest achievements from your AquaTune system. Each injection unit passes multiple inspections in our factory for completeness and function before it is shipped.

A 25% improvement in fuel economy with our system is like getting every fourth tank of gas for free, and our systems often provide a very strong return on investment. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to make it easy for you to see REAL results quickly. Each unit comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and workmanship. NOTE: Proper installation and operation is required to under the guarantee and the warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with.

We are AquaTune International, with products development history since 1972 and our best advertising comes from you! Thank you for supporting our vision of a cleaner tomorrow!

Aquatune HB Plus Installation Guide
Aquatune HB Plus Installation Guide
Water Fuel Technology for Everyone
Water Fuel Technology for Everyone