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Testimonial intro

Thanks for your testimonials! They help spread the word so others can find our product and benefit from the Aquatune Products. You can write a review of how Aquatune has worked for you. You can either write a review that will only show on our site, or you can go to one of our social media pages and write a review where others can find it easier. Thanks again! It has been a pleasure serving you! We enjoy Changing the World, One vehicle at a time.

International 9900 2007 Model Tandem Drive Axles Heavy Diesel

I am very satisfied with the performance of our Aquatune system, on our 2007 International 9900 semi tractor with a Cummins ISX engine rated @ 475 HP.We haul rock for a a stone quarry with B Trains grossing 139,500 pounds. With this system we can increase our mileage overall by 17.4% ( when driving aggressively ) to as high as 34.4% if we drive normally and similarly to the previous trips pre-Aquatune. Horsepower and Torque is up and black smoke and high EGTs are greatly reduced, allowing us to better maintain the speed limit on hills even while loaded, with considerable less gear shifting required. What is not to like about this, it pays for itself quickly and is certainly more productive time wise because of being able to maintain our loaded speed on hills.
Joe W
Milverton ON

Ford Escape xlt 3.0L V6 '03

I would like to highly thank the team @ AquaTune International (Dave Miller and gang) for widening my thoughts on an aquatune system. I had it professionally installed by Lopez Mechanic , Woodinville WA. ( A Aquatune Xtreme 6-way series hydrogen system) & complimented it with Weapon-R® 307-139-401 - Secret Weapon Aluminum Neo Titanium Short Ram Cold Air Intake System, Magnaflow direct fit ODBII high performance catalytic converters with catback on my '03 Ford Escape xlt 3.0L V6. The reason for the conversion is due to my monthly gas bill ran approximately 600+ dollars per month. As soon as I get a chance to calculate the new mileage I will report it. I’m in the process in blowing out the old black exhaust before calculating new one. UPDATE : Old mileage was 11 mpg city 20 mpg hwy. New 19 mpg city-that’s over 72 % increase. New 31.67 mpg hwy- that’s over 58% increase. I’m definitely impressed. Thank you Aquatune!
Jorge Archilla
Bothell Wa

08 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 6.0L V8

I was very happy and pleased about the performance of the aqua tune system in my truck. My horsepower went from 280 to about 320hp and on the highway my fuel mileage increased from an average of around 14 to an average of 18 mpg. And I could always tell when the system was out of water less horsepower and take off power, but all it took was dump in a gallon of distilled water and I had my horsepower and take off power back. Very pleased with the aqua tune units they pay for themselves.
Fredericksburg, OH

2007 Ford Ranger 4.0 L V6

I am very pleased with my Basic Aquatune hb system on my 2007 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4 5 speed truck. I have a noticeable Horsepower and Torque increase, and the fuel mileage increased as well, from 15 to 19 local and 18 to 22 highway driving ! I am planning to upgrade to the Xtreme 6 Way to see even more added benefits.
J.I. Miller
Belleville , AR

2014 Toyota Prius Two 1.8L

Thanks for the great product Aqua Tune after installing the single generator I have seen a mileage increase from high 30's to the high 40's with added passengers and ac, I'm upgrading to the extreme version. Can't wait to see what 12.5L of HHO will do for my Prius!

’06 Nissan Altima, 2.5L

Dear staff at AquaTune,
 I recently purchased your AquaThrust Plus for my ’06 Nissan Altima, with 2.5L. The first thing I have to tell you, this thing “kicks butt”. I live in an area where there are a lot of exotic imports running around who love to show off their ponies. But then, so do I. You are right, this system is just like Nitrous. I came up against a BMW Boxter, I tore ‘em up! He asked me what I had under the hood, but I wouldn’t tell him. I can still overtake even the 6 cylinder jobs. The one thing I am looking for at this time, is a chip that will over-ride the 100 mph governor, which is supposed to be released shortly for my vehicle. My normal, sane driving used to give me 27mpg now, however, I am getting 36mpg.
Also, I want to sincerely thank you. As you remember, I was having difficulty in understanding where the venturi injector nozzle was supposed to be placed. You contacted one of your customers in my area who is very familiar with your systems (many of his friends also have one of our systems) and you arranged to have him come over and give me the needed assistance. I am so grateful to have found this product that increases not only the fuel economy but the horsepower too!

96' GMC Jimmy Vortec 4.3L

After hearing about your products from both of my brothers, my husband and I just had to order one. Gas prices are so outrageous here in Alaska that we needed all the help we could get. Well, we sure got it with your AquaTune system. While my brother was here visiting, he, my husband and my son, installed it on our ’96 GMC Jimmy Vortec 4.3L. Prior to installing it the gas mileage was the pits and the exhaust had a real nasty smell. A couple of minutes of idling with the system on, the exhaust smelled clean and crisp, the horsepower went up drastically and, best of all, so did the fuel economy. So far, we are seeing well over the 25%. Sure glad we took their advice.

'82 Rolls Royce Silver Spur, 6.75L

Hi Nick,
 As you well remember discussing on the phone regarding my '82 Rolls Royce Silver Spur, 6.75L, I was telling that I was having problems with predetonation even when using premium fuel per the manufacturers recommendations. Also I mentioned that the idle was little rough as well as some smoking out the tail pipe, in essence, burning oil. Additionally, my gas mileage was only 9 mpg. Now, after installing the Aquatune ALL the problems I mentioned have been solved! No more predetonation and I am now using regular grade fuel. My mileage increase has gone up 16 mpg even. The smoking it totally gone. Now for the funny part, honestly, I sometimes think that the engine has stopped running when I'm stopped because the engine is running so smoothly now. I have to keep glancing down to make sure that the generator light is on. Horsepower increase is absolutely great. I plan on buying a Bentley here shortly and will be ordering another unit for it. 
Thanks for this fantastic product.
New York

’96 Dodge Caravan, 2.4L

Dear Nick,
A friend of mine and I were discussing various gas-saving devices, including yours. So I took the plunge and ordered three of the standard AquaTune units, one for each of my vehicles. (’96 Dodge Caravan, 2.4L - ’88 Dodge Daytona, turbo-charged 2.5L & ’89 Dodge Daytona 2.5L, also turbo-charged). I stated to you that the turbo-chargers have adjustable waste gates and I have them up to 28PSi boost. I also told you that I could adjust this if it was too much for the system. Now, I’m getting back to you on the results…In Hawaii there is a lot of stop and go driving and a lot of traffic. I did NOT have to adjust my turbo-boost, not only that but this system took away all of the turbo lag. I went to the lowest octane rating in the gas I use and on both Daytona’s I am getting 32.7mpg. Phenomenal, huh? Now for the Dodge Caravan…with this vehicle I was getting, at best, 25.7 mpg and now I'm achieving 36.1mpg. Now that I have fully put this system to the test, the friend with whom I was having the discussion is also ordering the system.
Your system is saving me “buccoo” bucks.

’05 Chevrolet Avalanche V-8, 5.3L

My wife and I make an annual trip for business and to see relatives. This is an 800 mile trip one way. Before installing the AquaTunePlus system, I had to re-fuel three times to make this trip. Not this year! I re-filled only ONE time; I repeat, only once! I’m so glad my brother recommended your system to me. Also, he was absolutely right, the hp is great and the exhaust has a totally different sound and smell to it. It’s real throaty now and a sweet smell comes out of the exhaust. Your product is awesome, thanks again.

’04 Dodge 1500 with the 5.7L Hemi

Dear AquaTune,
I ordered one of your AquaTunePlus units through one of your dealers. I have a ’04 Dodge 1500 with the 5.7L Hemi engine. I also had him install it for me. The first thing I noticed was the increase in hp. Quite impressive! One thing for sure, I have been telling everyone about this system. This unit is saving me at least $23.00 per tankful. Sure glad I bought it what with the price of gas continuing to creep up.

Jeff H.

’96 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3L

I found out about your product through a friend of mine. He had ordered one a couple of year ago and loves it. My ’96 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3L loves this system. It runs so sweet and my mpg went from 20 mpg, at best, to 28mpg! What I also like about this system is that I can run it in either “race mode” or “economy mode”. Everywhere I go, I’m showing off my system. Makes driving a real blast and now, friends of mine will also be ordering. 
Best to you all,

’04 F-150 4.6L

Hello Nick and the AquaTune staff,
I am totally jazzed! I bought your AquaTunePlus for my ’04 F-150 4.6L engine. Number 1, I was amazed at how easy it was to install. I took a trip of some distance and the first thing I noticed was that it seemed to take forever to come off the FULL mark. The next thing was that my foot was much higher on the gas pedal and the horsepower’s terrific. Now for the best part, I got a 50% increase in my fuel economy! Not bad, huh?
Now I’m telling anybody that will listen what a fantastic product this is.
My highest regards,

’04 GMC Denali, 6.0L

Hello folks,
I bought the AquaTunePlus unit for my ’04 GMC Denali, 6.0L after a bunch of guys and I had been talking about it at work. So, I got to be the “guinea pig”. Boy, am I glad I was ‘cause I got every bit of the 25% increase and more. I figure I gained probably 32-35%, depending on my driving. I also bought this unit to help keep my engine clean internally. There’s something else I wasn’t expecting, but I’m sure glad, and that’s the increase in the horsepower. I might also mention, that the system was extremely easy to install. Your support service is excellent and so is your product!
P.S. – My brother says he’s going to be ordering one shortly and I hope his results are as good as mine.

’99 Chrysler 300M, 3.5L

Hey Nick & Ursula,
I installed the AquaTunePlus on the ’99 Chrysler 300M, 3.5L. I had been getting around 27mpg, it varied between 26-27mpg. After installing your system, I immediately achieved the 25% increase in the mpg. After tweaking the air adjustment, I went to 37mpg. Just wanted to let you know that I am totally happy with the system. Thanks again for guiding me with the air adjustment. I really appreciate the great tech. support.
Have a great day.

’05 Nissan Altima 3.5L

Dear people over at AquaTune:
I recently purchased your AquaTunePlus kit for my ’05 Nissan Altima with the 3.5L V-6 engine. As you remember, I utilized a vacuum tee closest to the throttle body. Going through this point of entry, I received only a couple more miles per gallon. You assured me that if I used the venturi injector nozzle as my point of entry I would achieve all the results that I was looking for. Guess what? I got a whole lot more! I jumped from 24mpg to 32.3mpg. The hp is quite impressive. I also noticed that the intake runners are ice cold. Thanks again for your advice and a phenomenal product.

'04 Ford Freestar 4.2L

Dear AquaTune,
Having been satisfied with your product and the 25% increase, for quite a while, I started studying the instruction sheet over again and by simply straightening out the placement of the processor so that the injection would go smooth and straight in and slightly shortening the line, is when my fuel economy really started going up on my '04 Ford Freestar with the 4.2L V-6 OHV engine, I started out getting 14.7-15.1mpg in town driving and 19.3-20.2mpg on the highway. Now, however, I'm getting 20 to 20.7 mpg in town and on the highway 25 to 27.7 mpg at 65-75mph. Remember, too, that I drive with 4 Hankook HPW401 snow tires @ 42PSI, the year around! That is a 35-40% increase in my fuel economy. All this going up a 550 ft. climb in altitude & the hp is quite impressive, as well. Am I happy? Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.
New York

'91 Toyota 4-Runner 3.0L engine

Hi Nick & Ursala,
Installing an AquaTune on our SUV, a '91 Toyota 4-Runner with the 3.0L engine, was the BEST thing Deb and I ever did.
I was seriously considering getting rid of the bottom heavy slug until I installed the AquaTune!
Installing AquaTune was like somebody cutting everything off the rear. This vehicle felt so much lighter.
I was so impressed I purchased another unit for my '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L engine and my sons '93 Corsica LT with the 2.2L engine!
Thank you all at AquaTune so much for this product. Deb and I are glad to become part of the solution. Thank you,
Greg & Debbie

'04 Chevy Blazer

Hi Nick & Ursula,
Its been awhile since I met with you last summer and purchased the second Aquatune but I thought I would give you my 2 cents on how its doing. As you recall I traded in my old version of Aquatune which had been on my ' 93 Jimmy which has 230K miles, for the new version and put it on my ' 04 Chevy Blazer. I could feel the difference in power and so could my son. Well this Christmas we took it back "home" to Iowa and as usual we went up I-35 at the pace of about 85 mph (made it to NW Iowa in 12 hours). I had an extra half gallon of distilled water and a bottle of Isopropyl along as well. I found it used less water cruising on the freeway than it does in town. I usually go thru a tank of gas and 2 qts water for 300 miles in town driving. But going 85 mph we made it to Kansas on one tank of gas and averaged just short of 21 mpg. And the Aquatune still had about and inch left in it too. Now EPA estimate for my Blazer says 16 city / 20 mpg highway and they sure don't go 85 on the highway when they test. I usually average about 18.5 in town driving but then my right foot seems to be lead footed a lot! Love that power. And recently I had some warranty work done on the Blazer at the Chevy dealer and when they opened the hood they saw the Aquatune and asked if it really worked. Well you know me, I "schooled" them on it. And every chance I get at the gas pump I'm showing other SUV owners what they can do to get better mpg and power and give them your site web address.
Arlington, TX

'00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L

Hello, I ordered your AquaTune water injection system several months ago after 2 of the guys at work installed the system on their truck and car. Was very skeptical, to say the least, whether or not they where running me a line of BS. After an email from you with how to install, very simple, I ordered it for my '00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L, and received it 2 days later. Installed it that day after work in 20 minutes. Kept thinking to myself this is way to easy. So, to testing. I had kept 9 weeks worth of mpg data before installing. The first day was a noticeable increase in horse power. The first week mpg average was only 1 mpg increase. But, you instructions state that some vehicles take longer for the computer to reset. After about 500 miles, my average mpg jumped by 4 mpg which on my truck that brought it to 18mpg and that is great. Thank you.
Also living in south Houston area, my location went under mandatory evacuation orders during hurricane Rita. I spent 39 hours in my truck in traffic getting to OK . ( which normally takes 8 hours) The temps during the day where in the upper 90s. With the AquaTune system running I used less gas and kept my engine cooler. Thank you. 
Funny story to go along with this. Was at the Toyota dealer last night getting oil changed. Sitting in the waiting room watching TV when 6 of the mechanics came in the waiting area and started asking all kind of questions about the AquaTune system. They where fascinated with it. It got so bad that the service manager apologized to me. 
Thank you!
Michael L.