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Thanks for your testimonials! They help spread the word so others can find our product and benefit from the Aquatune Products. You can write a review of how Aquatune has worked for you. You can either write a review that will only show on our site, or you can go to one of our social media pages and write a review where others can find it easier. Thanks again! It has been a pleasure serving you! We enjoy Changing the World, One vehicle at a time.

'91 Toyota 4-Runner 3.0L engine

Hi Nick & Ursala,
Installing an AquaTune on our SUV, a '91 Toyota 4-Runner with the 3.0L engine, was the BEST thing Deb and I ever did.
I was seriously considering getting rid of the bottom heavy slug until I installed the AquaTune!
Installing AquaTune was like somebody cutting everything off the rear. This vehicle felt so much lighter.
I was so impressed I purchased another unit for my '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L engine and my sons '93 Corsica LT with the 2.2L engine!
Thank you all at AquaTune so much for this product. Deb and I are glad to become part of the solution. Thank you,
Greg & Debbie

'04 Chevy Blazer

Hi Nick & Ursula,
Its been awhile since I met with you last summer and purchased the second Aquatune but I thought I would give you my 2 cents on how its doing. As you recall I traded in my old version of Aquatune which had been on my ' 93 Jimmy which has 230K miles, for the new version and put it on my ' 04 Chevy Blazer. I could feel the difference in power and so could my son. Well this Christmas we took it back "home" to Iowa and as usual we went up I-35 at the pace of about 85 mph (made it to NW Iowa in 12 hours). I had an extra half gallon of distilled water and a bottle of Isopropyl along as well. I found it used less water cruising on the freeway than it does in town. I usually go thru a tank of gas and 2 qts water for 300 miles in town driving. But going 85 mph we made it to Kansas on one tank of gas and averaged just short of 21 mpg. And the Aquatune still had about and inch left in it too. Now EPA estimate for my Blazer says 16 city / 20 mpg highway and they sure don't go 85 on the highway when they test. I usually average about 18.5 in town driving but then my right foot seems to be lead footed a lot! Love that power. And recently I had some warranty work done on the Blazer at the Chevy dealer and when they opened the hood they saw the Aquatune and asked if it really worked. Well you know me, I "schooled" them on it. And every chance I get at the gas pump I'm showing other SUV owners what they can do to get better mpg and power and give them your site web address.
Arlington, TX

'00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L

Hello, I ordered your AquaTune water injection system several months ago after 2 of the guys at work installed the system on their truck and car. Was very skeptical, to say the least, whether or not they where running me a line of BS. After an email from you with how to install, very simple, I ordered it for my '00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L, and received it 2 days later. Installed it that day after work in 20 minutes. Kept thinking to myself this is way to easy. So, to testing. I had kept 9 weeks worth of mpg data before installing. The first day was a noticeable increase in horse power. The first week mpg average was only 1 mpg increase. But, you instructions state that some vehicles take longer for the computer to reset. After about 500 miles, my average mpg jumped by 4 mpg which on my truck that brought it to 18mpg and that is great. Thank you.
Also living in south Houston area, my location went under mandatory evacuation orders during hurricane Rita. I spent 39 hours in my truck in traffic getting to OK . ( which normally takes 8 hours) The temps during the day where in the upper 90s. With the AquaTune system running I used less gas and kept my engine cooler. Thank you. 
Funny story to go along with this. Was at the Toyota dealer last night getting oil changed. Sitting in the waiting room watching TV when 6 of the mechanics came in the waiting area and started asking all kind of questions about the AquaTune system. They where fascinated with it. It got so bad that the service manager apologized to me. 
Thank you!
Michael L.

'96 Ford Explorer 4.0L

Hi guys, Sometime back, I installed this AquaTunePlus unit on my '96 Ford Explorer with the 4.0L engine. I came up to your area for a seminar and dropped by to see you. You noticed that I had installed the wrong venturi injector nozzle. You replaced it with the correct one and made some very minor adjustments and now I am getting 22mpg in town where before I had been getting only 16mpg.Thanks again for your assistance.

'91 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L

Dear AquaTune,
I've just got to tell you, after ordering two of your standard AquaTune kits, I had one of them installed on my '91 Jeep Wrangler with the 4.0L fuel injected engine. This, as the mechanic says, is a very tired engine ‘cause it has over 200,000 miles on it and I tend to have a “lead foot”. Not only is the hp fantastic, my mileage jumped from 11 – 16mpg with my foot into it. Can't help it, I love the hp increase. Now I'm upgrading my other vehicle to an AquaTunePlus. I will certainly keep you informed on the results. Thanks,

'02 Ford Explorer 4.2L

Good morning AquaTune,
Man, I tell you what, this AquaThrust system is unreal!!! Darn near scary! I'm calling you as I'm driving down the highway and this thing is just taking off on it's own. Just goin'. I'm almost on people's tails before I even realize it and am having to put my brakes on. This thing flat puts you back in your seat. Love this system, talk to you later.

2000 Ford Focus, 2.0L

Nick, As I suspected, after filling up my tires and finding a nice long, flat 20 mile stretch of highway (from Searchlight, NV to Boulder City, NV), keeping the car at 61 mph with the a/c off I was able to increase my average mpg to 49.7. My wife and I couldn't believe our eyes. The entire 251 mile trip gave me 34.7 mpg, which is great considering the elevation changes I was making 2500 to 3500 to 700 and back. Lots of strain on the little four banger. After 108 miles at 36.1 mpg, I burned 1600ml of water with 71 mph max, 4737 rpm max, and 50 mph avg.
I almost wish I lived back East where there isn't so much mountain climbing. I'd be saving a fortune. I'm having a lot of fun with this test. Thanks again for your help.
Nick D.

'68 Chevelle with the 327

Howdy AquaTune,
I installed this AquaThrust unit on my '68 Chevelle with the 327 engine and I'm running at least 40 more horsepower ( hard to tell), my engine sounds a little quieter, and I'm glad of that, because it was border line illegal with the higher lift cam over 3000 rpm. I picked up 1000 RPM more of a hard pull (5800 to 6800, had to shift, didn't want to break anything). Before, the engine's pull would drop off after 5800 rpm. What I could check for regarding HP was I dropped my, from a roll, 10 to 60 mph from around a little over 4 seconds as opposed from, a dead stop, 0 to 65 in around 3 seconds or a hair over, impressive, everything was happening so fast, even with 3.73 gears. I went from 1st, 2nd at 6800 to 7000 rpm's, to 6th and ZIP, I'm on the freeway. That got the old heart pumping. That's enough horsepower for me, I wanted mileage and looks like I got both. I'm going to check that with a stop watch one time to see exactly what it is, but that is a very close estimate. Gas mileage I don't know yet. I'll check it later, but I'm sure it's better. You can stand behind the car and not smell exhaust as bad as before. In fact, you can't smell much at all. Simple to install. Oh, you are supposed to run medium grade gas, not Premium. It will run better because it burns faster and more complete, also you increase the distributor advance 7 degrees more so you get a longer burn. You believe The engine runs cooler and the engine oil is suppose to run 25 degrees cooler, which I believe. It runs on a Qt bottle of distilled water and 70% alcohol in a 50% - 50% mix. That good for 1 tank full. Should pay for itself with gas mileage increase. Thanks for reminding me about this system Jerry, you gave that push and I'm glad I did it. I thought all you Hot Rodders out there may want to know about an increase of horse power at a reasonable per dollar spent. You're also helping the environment out at the same time for your children. Thanks, I achieved everything you folks promised and a whole lot more.

'95 Cadillac Deville 4.9L

Dear gracious people at AquaTune,
This is my second testimonial and I feel that you should know the extra fuel economy and hp I received out of your AquaTunePlus system. I drive a '95 Cadillac Deville with the 4.9L engine. Originally my mileage was 14mpg no matter what I did to improve it. With your standard AquaTune I immediately jumped to 22.9mpg, and I was ecstatic with that increase. However, I took the system off and gave it to my grandson for his Cadillac. The only difference in the two models is the color. I put the AquatunePlus on mine and I am now getting 37mpg on the straightaway! Uphill I am getting 35.2mpg. I also noticed that my transmission is not having to go into overdrive to go up the steep grades. What a fantastic product! The gas savings are phenomenal. Now I am going to order a downstream generator to add to my grandson's car so that he will also have an AquaTunePlus. Thank you again.
Frank U.

2004 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L

I installed the system on my 2004 Chevy Tahoe with the 5.3L engine a few short months ago......WOW! My computer tells me over the last 3 months that my mileage went from 16.8mpg to 20.2 (you do the math). I only run distilled H20 50/50 mixture with Isopropyl alcohol as recommended and with today's fuel prices I am absolutely convinced that if this system works in my big, heavy SUV it will work for any make or model! Thank you Aquatune, and be assured I am spreading the word.
Joe C.
Albany, NY

'01 Chev. Tahoe 5.7L

To the AquaTune folks,
End of last month I bought two of your AquaTunePlus kits, one for my '01 Chev. Tahoe with the 5.7L Vortec engine. The other was for my wife's Suburban. This investment was well worth every penny! The first thing I experienced was the sharp increase in hp gains. The next thing I noticed was that I used to get 350 miles per tank of gas now I am getting 417, and that's with my foot into it!! One of these days I will calculate my mileage while driving normally. I will keep you informed and I'm telling everyone I know about this terrific product.
Thanks again,
Arlington, TX

1999 Class A Chev. motor home with 454

Attn: Nick, 
I wanted to tell you the whole story about my experience with your product because it may help others….I have a 35 foot 1999 Class A Chev. motor home with 454 engine, which is not exactly a gas sipper. I've had many other RV's in the past and always enjoyed adding many unique products to them (which I do myself)…..I have a friend who also has an RV and I have always jokingly competed with him regarding what we have installed last. When he called and said he installed your AquaTune system, I was really intrigued. By the way, he also got extremely high results and his RV is two years newer than mine…..So, I called and ordered one of your systems…..All this took place about three weeks before I left on a planned trip of at least six weeks and 6,000 to 7,000 miles….I did find an extra large water container that I've been using…..Well, I finally took off on my trip that lasted over six weeks and we traveled over 6,500 miles. Many of the miles were in mountainous areas….The results were dramatic in power that showed up going over hills and accelerating. I commented many times to my wife that I am going uphill and I'm still in overdrive! It didn't shift down as it did before the system was installed!......Before this trip I had used the RV for three trips of less than 500 miles each. When I called you the end of July, I told you that my mpg had increased from 6mpg to 8.5mpg!...On this trip it varied a little more, but then, I was pulling a full-size Jeep and I also logged 89 hours on my gasoline generator, which draws gasoline from my general fuel tank. So, logging in on this trip at an average of 7.738 mpg and the fantastic performance of the engine were good enough for me!......One more incident that was quite shocking to me was when I had an oil change half-way through the trip. When they pulled the pan with the drained oil out we were all shocked at how black the oil was! I commented that I had this water injection system installed and it was suppose to clean out the engine as well. I believe it, because when I arrived home I checked my oil again and it is still almost as clean as when it was installed….In conclusion, I thank you for the excellent support as well as a great system!!
Camarillo, CA

'98 Ford Super-van 6.8L

Attention Nick at AquaTune,
When I placed my order I told you that if this system would work I would definitely get back to you. Good or bad. Well, let me tell you, I am one happy customer! I put the AquaTune on my '98 Ford Super-van, as you well know, this is a big box van that has the Tritan V-10, 6.8L engine. I was getting 11.5mpg now I am getting a remarkable 21 mpg on the highway! The horsepower gain is absolutely phenomenal. Even the exhaust system sounds completely different. It's amazing what you can find just searching the web. I am so thankful that I found your product. Be assured Nick, I show this system off a lot!
Michael B.

2002 Nissan Altima, 4 cyl

Dear AquaTune,
I installed my AquaTunePlus system on my 2002 Nissan Altima, 4 cyl. on 6/30/05 and left the next morning to visit our twin grandsons in Orange County, Calif. The increase in power was immediately evident – I couldn't wait to check the mileage, so when I got to Barstow, Calif., a total of 159 miles, I filled up to check my mileage. I was previously getting 21 mpg. I got 30mpg driving at 76mph on the cruise control – a whopping 42% increase! I also noticed that my temperature gauge was registering a lower temp. on my return trip to Nevada. As I entered Baker, Calif., called the Gateway to Death Valley – I knew I had to negotiate the Baker Grade – a 17 mile upgrade that starts at about 250 feet above sea level and goes to over 4,000 feet at the top. At the 16 mile warning there is a yellow Caution sign that reads “Turn off A/C for the next 16 miles to avoid overheating”, so I did just the opposite – I set the A/C at max. and the cruise control at 80mph. I passed over 18 cars on the side of the road that had heat related failures. When I crested at the top my temperature had not moved a centimeter! The two words I use to describe the performance are “Awesome & Unbelievable”. Thanks to AquaTune for their excellent assistance with the mechanic installing the system!
Don Bond
Las Vegas, NV

'92 Ford Explorer with a 4.0

To Whom It May Concern:
I want to let you know how extremely happy I am that I achieved everything that you promised when I installed my AquaTune system on my '92 Ford Explorer with a 4.0L engine. Not only did I receive my 25% increase in fuel economy, I also received a very impressive horsepower gain. I would also like to tell you that prior to putting this system on, I used to have a serious blow-by problem. So much so that even my valve covers would leak oil from the excessive crank case pressure. This problem has now totally cleared up with this system, and no more leaking oil. I will be recommending your product to my friends. Thank you for such a fine product.
Thomas E.
Northern California

2000 Ford Taurus 3.0L 

Dear AquaTune,
 Just a quick note as to what my results were. I had put the AquaTune system on my 2000 Ford Taurus with a 3.0L DOHC engine and my mileage went from 22 mpg to 29 mpg in town and on the highway to 33.9 mpg. Phenomenal product. Thanks again,
New York

'94 Grand Prix SE with 3.1L

Dear sir or madam;
Prior to ordering your product, the AquaTunePlus, I asked you if this system would increase my fuel economy because I was already getting pretty decent mileage at the time. Not only did I prove that it would, my mileage increased by 40% consistently. Your system is absolutely incredible! The horsepower is just as impressive. Also, my transmission doesn't downshift anymore when I go up steep grades. I will be telling everyone I know about this product because I definitely got my moneys worth. Please tell your sales staff thank you for the excellent job.

'04 Toyota Scion XB

Hello AquaTune,
I just wanted to let you know how well the AquaTunePlus worked on my '04 Toyota. I have the Scion XB. I use this vehicle mostly in my business and I drive every bit of 22,000 miles in a year. Before I installed the AquaTunePlus on my vehicle, my combined mileage, at best, was 28-29mpg. Now it is 37mpg, that's just a little over a 32% increase! Now for the horsepower, it is awesome for a little 1.5L with an automatic trans.

I also installed a second AquaTunePlus that on my wife's '04 Nissan Quest the other day. This vehicle has the 3.5L engine. My wife loves it! I'll let you know the results on this one shortly. Thanks for a such a great product!
C. & B.

'85 Bronco, 5.8L

Dear AquaTune:
I'm the worst skeptic in the world and a good tester because I leave no stone unturned! Now I know that you're not just perpetrating a fraud. This system definitely works! I got an astounding 18.5 mpg on the run where I was typically getting 11 mpg previously. Let me tell you, my '85 Bronco, 5.8L, 4 valve HO Ford engine with 127K miles on it is running better than ever before. It is smoother, quieter and my sticky valve is stuck no more. Even the rattle in my CAT converter is gone. Can't explain this but, it sure is running smooth and cooler and no more predetonation. I am stoked. I can bury the needle without even flooring the engine. I have power to spare on the top end. It feels like I have a ram air system installed. You keep your foot steady and it just keeps accelerating. My Bronco feels like a mustang on the top end. Even at 85mph, when you step on it, it puts you back in your seat. The installation was fast and though I made a lot of mistakes, Tech support was wonderful. I never felt left alone.
Thank you AquaTune for a wonderful product!
Stephen C.

1994 Ford Aspire 1.3L

To Whom It May Concern:
I recently put your AquaTune system on my 1994 Ford Aspire with the 1.3L engine. Just thought I'd let you know that I received every bit of my 25% increase in the fuel economy that you promise and the horsepower is quite impressive. I have been treated excellently by your staff and I definitely believe that I have gotten my monies worth and will be recommending this to my friends. Thank you for such a well-made product and the easy to understand instructions.
Ed Z.