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Testimonial intro

Thanks for your testimonials! They help spread the word so others can find our product and benefit from the Aquatune Products. You can write a review of how Aquatune has worked for you. You can either write a review that will only show on our site, or you can go to one of our social media pages and write a review where others can find it easier. Thanks again! It has been a pleasure serving you! We enjoy Changing the World, One vehicle at a time.

'99 Pontiac Grand Prix

Attention Nick @ AquaTune:I don't know if you'll remember me, I ordered the AquaTune kit for my '99 Pontiac Grand Prix with an '04 supercharged 3.8L engine. Well, you were right on all points, it definitely exceeded all my expectations! It is every bit comparable to Nitrous without the harm to the engine. I had a friend driving with me to show him the difference and when we hit boost, it flat put us back in the seat, and all he could say was “WOW”! Now for the fuel increase: it went from 32 mpg on the highway to 42mpg. Not bad, huh? Anyway, I'd really be interested in selling this product.Thanks, you have a great product.

'04 Subaru

Hello Nick at AquaTune,As you recall I recently purchased a second unit. This time it was the AquaTunePlus kit and installed it on our '04 Subaru. Are you ready for this? The mileage went from 22mpg to 31.5mpg! Be assured I've been telling a lot of folks about this product. From your dedicated customer,
New York

'99 Chev. Suburban 5.7L 

Dear folks at AquaTune,I am one happy camper. I have a big '99 Chev. Suburban with 5.7L Vortec engine. The best I could ever get out of this rig was 15 mpg and that was babying it and not towing anything. Now, I am getting 20+ mpg at 75 mph and that includes towing a trailer. The horsepower will put you back in your seat. I have also noticed that the transmission isn't downshifting anymore going up the steep grades and the engine is running a whole lot cooler. I was so skeptical at first but, now I am a believer. Thanks,

'95 Cadillac DeVille

Hello Nick at AquaTune,
Well, you made a believer out of me. I told you I'd kiss my wife if this system would work. And I did! I put your AquaTune system on my 8 cyl. '95 Cadillac DeVille. I love cars that are in good working order. My mileage went from 14 mpg in town to 22.9 mpg. It seems to be getting better and better as I continue driving. I'm so excited about these results that I've told my grandsons about it and they're planning on ordering a system for their cars shortly. Your service and your support is excellent!

'89 Toyota Celica, 1.8L

Dear AquaTune,I started out as a very skeptical customer and I also took the liberty to call your distributor in California to ask him what their overall results were on my kind of vehicle. Because of the favorable report, I decided to order the AquaTune unit for my '89 Toyota Celica, 1.8L engine. I used to burn a tank of gas per week. Going the same distance every single day as before, in other words, driving to work and back, traffic and all. You can imagine my excitement when after a week I was down only ½ tank of gas. I didn't realize that this vehicle could run so smooth. And horsepower – lots of it! Love these results, terrific. Thank you,
Hector C.

'97 Honda CRV, 2.0L

Hello AquaTune ,As you well remember, I first ordered your AquaThrust system for my '97 Honda CRV, 2.0L back in January of 2004 and thought I was getting really good results with it. I then decided to upgrade this system with the Downstream Hydrogen Generator, and all I can say is “Wow”! On my previous engine I was running a turbo-charged application. So I am very familiar with that type of performance. This system far exceeds that, it doesn't damage the engine and, in fact, prolongs the engine life, and gives me fuel economy to boot. Not to mention, the oil temp is down by 25 degrees, just as you said it would be. Nice product, keep up the good work,
Pete D.
New York

'01 Ford 350 V10

Nick @ AquaTune,I bought one of your AquaTunePlus kits for my '01 Ford 350 with the Tritan V-10. I just want to thank you for all your support. I got more hp than ever, ever expected. Also, for the 28% increase in my fuel economy. I live in a mountainous area and I have noticed that the transmission doesn't downshift anymore going up the very steep inclines! Your company is very professional and helpful and I would like to become a rep. for your product. Your new friend,
Kevin G.

'00 Acura RL 3.5L

Dear AquaTune,Back in January I purchased two of your AquaTunePlus kits with great hopes of improving the fuel economy on my '00 Acura RL 3.5L. As I told you when I was placing this order that my mileage stunk. The average, at best, was only 20mpg. I am very, very happy to report that at last reading, I am now getting 32.5 mpg, and that was with a 30 mph headwind! This product does everything you say and much more! I will be installing the other one on my wife's car as soon as I have the time. What a fantastic product you have. Be assured I'm telling everyone about this. Your very satisfied customer,
Tom M.

'04 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L

To our friends at AquaTune,Once again, you've made us very happy campers. I bought a second AquaTunePlus kit for my wife's car, a '04 Mitsubishi Lancer with a 2.0L engine, as a present for her. This wasn't as easy of an installation as my other one but, well worth it! My wife absolutely loves it! She was getting 20mpg overall previously, with not exactly a light foot. Now, driving at 80-85 mph she's getting 32+ mpg and in town 25+ mpg. The horsepower gain is incredible. She's happy and this makes me very happy. Talk about a present that keeps on giving. Thanks again,

'90 VW Vanagan Suncro 2.1L

I ordered an AquaTune for my '90 VW Vanagan Suncro with the 2.1L water-cooled engine and had my mechanic install it. Needless to say my mechanic was quite impressed with the results after this installation. When I came to pick up the vehicle he told me I gained every bit of 30% increase in hp. As he puts it, it definitely gave it some big “kahunas”. Of course, after driving it myself, I am in total agreement with him. This is why I am placing my second order today for an AquaTunePlus for my '90 Audi Quatro.
New Jersey

'89 GMC 2500

Dear AquaTune,
I have an '89 GMC 2500 converted van with a 350 V-8 engine. Before I installed your unit on this particular van, I was getting 16 mpg at the very best and having predetonation problems, which is why I was using premium fuel! I immediately jumped to over 20 mpg with low-octane fuel. Also, the increase in hp is fantastic. I am very pleased with your product.


'89 Chevy Suburban, 5.7L

Hello AquaTune,
I bought your AquaTune system for my '89 Chevy Suburban, 5.7L, 4-wheel drive. This is the 1500 series. With this gas hog I was lucky to get 14 mpg on the highway. Now I am totally beyond myself because on my last trip I got a whopping 28 mpg! You can best believe I've been telling everyone about this product.
South Dakota

'90 Chevy 5.7L

To Whom It May Concern at AquaTune,
Just thought I'd drop you an email about the AquaTune system I installed on my '90 Chevy utility truck. This vehicle has a 5.7L 350 engine in it. At this point, this truck has over 423,000 mile on it. I installed a factory-crate motor on it at 276,500 miles. This gas-sucking monster was averaging only 15 mpg prior to installing the AquaTune system. Now, after driving over 30,000 miles with your system, I am averaging over 24.5 mpg. In my in-town driving it is 19.5 mpg. The truck has definitely more pulling power as I am going on uphill grades and doesn't downshift like it used to. I consider this an incredible increase with your system. Because of my recommendation, friends have ordered from you also.

'96 Ford Ranger, 4.0L

Dear AquaTune,I thought I'd include my comments on my registration card. Your system works very well on my '96 Ford Ranger, 4.0L. It definitely has a very feelable increase in torque and smoothness in every gear from 1st to 5th. I'd love to give you my fuel increase but, with the increase in the torque it's just too much fun. My foot's buried in the pedal too much.Thanks again for your fine product.

'89 Ford Escort 1.9L 

Dear AquaTune,
 It's me, Larry, again. After buying and installing this new product of yours, AquaTunePlus on our '89 Ford Escort with a 1.9L engine, I was absolutely floored at the increase in the fuel economy! Not to mention the increase in the horsepower. Previously, this vehicle had an AquaTune unit on it. With this system it takes everything NOT to spin the tires. I think my wife thinks I'm doing this on purpose. The fuel economy went from 20 mpg to an astounding 37mpg!
Please note, I just bought a 2004 Ford Focus (with 16 valve ram induction and all the goodies) that is designed to get the best of fuel economy and thisAquaTunePlus is outperforming the Focus, not only in fuel economy but, also horsepower.

Thank you very much. I am so happy with these results I'm thinking of calling the news media, if that's all right with you.
Larry N.

1988 Jeep Cherokee

Hello AquaTune,
I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee with 260,000 miles. Most of my driving is city driving, a lot of starting and stopping. As with any car that old and that many miles on it, I was having trouble getting it to pass inspection. It had also become very sluggish over the years and didn't have the pickup and horsepower it once had.

A friend told me about a product called AquaTune. Iasked him if they had a website where I could learn more about it. He said the website After researching it thoroughly, I called the distributor closest to me and met with him. HestatedANDconvinced me that the AquaTuneunit could improve the performanceAND gas mileage of my '88 model Jeep.

I have had the unit on my Jeep fora little over twomonths. I amVERY pleased with it. My horsepower has increasedtremendously (it has pickup like it had when I first bought it),AND my gas mileage went from 12.5 to the last time I checked it 17.8. Almost 18 miles per gallon, city driving in the TEXAS summerWITH the air conditioner running. (Amazing)

I wholeheartedly endorse the AquaTune unit. I thank my friend every time I see him for introducing me to AquaTune."I may get another 260,000 miles out of my Jeep"!!!
Ken B.
Dallas, TX

1992 SAAB 9000

Dear AquaTune folks,
I had Nick install an AquaTune unit in March of 2004. I am a sales rep. and travel 50-60,000 miles per year. I've driven my 1992 SAAB 9000 Turbo 30-40,000 miles with this unit on it. The power is unbelievable and this 2.3L turbo runs like a supercharged V-8. The fuel economy went from 25-26 mpg to 29-30 mpg on regular unleaded gasoline. By now I have a total of 250,000 miles on this engine and it runs as good now as when I first bought it. I highly recommend this fine system. Consequently I've chosen to become an Authorized Sales Rep. on behalf of AquaTune.

Wayne Burns
Cheyenne, WY

1974 R90/6 BMW motorcycle

Hello AquaTune,
I don't know why I waited over a year after receiving your e-mail indicating your Aqua-Tune would work on my R90/6!

I installed the Aqua-Thrust kit late June '04 and what a pleasure to ride now! I maintain a log of all my fuel use - before Aqua-Thrust I averaged 44mpg including riding 2-up, pulling a trailer and having to gear-down on steeper grades. Now it's a WHOLE DIFFERENT experience! My wife and I recently went on a two week trip to Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine, riding 2-up witha UNI-GO trailer- over 2K (2,000) miles and the power & mileage are GREAT! – and no more downshifting - I was able to increase my speed going uphill without sneaking another gear! And, no more pre-detonation! Mileage is averaging 50 to 52mpg & the BEEMER (BMW) has never run 'sweeter' - I 'sync'd' the carbs with a Twin-Max before installing your product but, now it runs even smoother. I highly recommend Aqua-Thrust to any other 'airhead'riders out there - very easy to install - and start having some fun pulling those hills without shifting so much plusa much smoother running 'boxer'! Give it a try - I believe you'll be wondering why you didn't "hook-up' to Aqua -Thrust long before!
Bruce Hirschey
New York

Clean burn!!

Hello AquaTune,
I own an automotive repair center. Recently we had a customer whose vehicle would not pass emissions because it was smoking so severely that the emissions testing center would not even insert the probe into the tail-pipe. After installing an AquaTune unit on it, and allowing it to run for 45 minutes, all smoking came to an end. The vehicle was then taken back to the same testing facility and, in fact, the same people and they were absolutely astounded at the difference. The vehicle passed below standards and totally proved my skepticism wrong! I was also amazed at how it cleaned up the rings. I now plan on using this device to take to other shops and dismantling yards that sell used engines. Thanks for both myself and my customer,.
D Auto Service

'97 Grand Marquis

Hi, just to let you know I feel I'm very fortunate, that is “blessed”, to have called you and bought your water injection system for my car!
My '97 Grand Marquis is now getting the gas mileage of a Taurus. Namely, 26-28 mpg and this at 75 mph on the expressway, and 21 mpg in the city. This, after having gotten 17, at best, on the expressway and 14 in town and the increase in hp is phenomenal!
Needless to say, I'm very satisfied!!! As you know, I now have three (3) AquaTune injection systems. Need I say more? You can rest assured, I'm telling everyone I know about your product!!! 
My sincere thanks,
Larry N.