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Thanks for your testimonials! They help spread the word so others can find our product and benefit from the Aquatune Products. You can write a review of how Aquatune has worked for you. You can either write a review that will only show on our site, or you can go to one of our social media pages and write a review where others can find it easier. Thanks again! It has been a pleasure serving you! We enjoy Changing the World, One vehicle at a time.

1995 GMC Jimmy 4.3 Vortec 

Dear people at AquaTune,
 I purchased one of your kits after a friend of mine recommended your product to me. He has two of them. I told you I would send you the results from using your product. I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy with a 4.3 Vortec engine that is lifted 7 inches over stock with 33x12.5 tires. I was getting 7-8 mpg. Since installing your system, I am now getting 14 mpg and can notice a big difference in the power! I am keeping up from the start with full size Yukon's. I am very impressed with this system and have and will continue to advise anybody to try this system and you will be impressed too. Once again, thank you for a product that really does what it claims.
 Sincerely Yours,
Dale B.

3.2 L V-6 1993 Isuzu Trooper

Dear AquaTune,
These are my results on using AquaTune on my vehicle. This is a 3.2 L V-6 1993 Isuzu Trooper. It weighs in around 5000 pounds, has 4-wheel drive with mud and snow tires, automatic. The final drive ratio is 4:57-1. Not the greatest truck in town. I use my truck in my janitorial business.
Before AquaTune, I would only get around 15.5 mpg highway driving. Now it's at an astounding almost 21mpg! Around town I was getting 12-13 mpg and now it averages around 16 mpg. With the unit set up for power, I was able to break both rear tires loose for the first time! It was quite a surprise. Before AquaTune, acceleration was lack-luster, at best. Now it is responding and moves when you want to. I now have no trouble merging with traffic! The seat-of-the-pants feel is great!!

Carl Sawyer
Sunnyvale, CA

1990 Corvette, 5L IROC engine

Hi AquaTune!
An odd thing happened last night/this morning: Last night I was driving the Corvette and I thought that I must have been getting used to the injection system, as it just didn't seem to have the same “poop” as before. So, this morning, I decided to check the system and see how the balance was between the two venturi injector nozzles and, dang it if there was no balance at all, worse still, there was no fluid at all going into the hoses. Hmmmm. I checked the reservoir, and yep, she was dry as a bone. Sheesh. Anyway, I mixed up a 50/50 mix of methanol and distilled water and went sailing on down the road – hey, my power was back! The difference between having the system on and being without the system is huuuuuge – the car just has a whole lot more torque. There seems to be a big difference, it feels way better than an 18% increase in hp.
A tank of gas sure lasts a LOT longer than before, and with all of the added power. I have to admit that I do have “my foot in it” a bit more!
Thanks for all of your help, and I really am thrilled with the injection system!

Jim S.
Seattle, WA

1979 Datsun 280Z

To Nick @ AquaTune,
I have tried everything I could think of in order to pass the emissions test, including installing new, after-market injectors, which brought my CO up way past acceptable rates at idle, and hydrocarbons were out of sight, both at mid-range and under load. The next step was to replace the CAT converter and EGR valve. Then I heard about the AquaTune system from one of your dealers, Todd Gossling, and decided to install it on my 1979 Datsun 280Z. This was better than spending one thousand dollars.
I just want to report to let you know that it did go through the emissions very nicely with the AquaTune unit on there. I did not have to install the CAT converter or an EGR or anything else. It went through at 1/2% of CO and a couple hundred hydrocarbons at idle. Then 3/4% of CO and a couple of hundred hydrocarbons while under load.
So, it worked very well. The car does seem to run better and I'm very satisfied and just wanted to let you know the results on that and there you go. Appreciate all your help and excellent product.
Phoenix, AZ

2000 Mitsubishi Montero

Dear AquaTune,
Just a lengthy note and test results in how delighted I am with your product. Last year I put o ne of your units on my wife's 2000 Mitsubishi Montero and went from 16 mpg to 23 mpg highway miles. I was so happy with the results that I purchased a second unit for my 2003 Honda Element EX with 4-wheel drive with roof racks. I also have a trailer hitch and sometimes tow a trailer. This vehicle has an automatic transmission. The best that I have ever gotten, without the A/C on, at 65 mph, was 21 mpg. Here are the results, the best and the worst, since putting this unit on and having driven over 7,000 miles:
55 mph w/o A/C: Best - 35.5 mpg, Worst - 32.5 mpg, Average - 33 mpg
60 mph w/o A/C: Best - 33 mpg, Worst - 30 mpg, Average - 32 mpg
65 mph w/o A/C: Best - 32 mpg, Worst - 28.5 mpg, Average - 30 mpg
70 mph w/o A/C: Best - 30 mpg, Worst - 26 mpg, Average - 28.4 mpg
75 mph w/o A/C: Best - 26 mpg, Worst - 24 mpg, Average - 25 mpg
With the A/C on, the results were equally impressive:
55 mph - 33 mpg
60 mph - 30 mpg, for over 600 miles!
65 mph - I went to Yosemite over the Grapevine (mountainous road), did 981 miles and averaged 28.2 mpg
70 mp h - 26 mpg
75 mph - I got 24 mpg, going to Joshua Tree, CA and back
All these mileages tested out with the A/C on. These numbers are amazing!!! This is almost a 50% INCREASE OVER STOCK. I love it! The car is peppier and gets great mileage. What more could I want.
Thank you so much.
Gary Hennint

MGB Roadster

Dear Nick @ AquaTune,
I promised that I would get back to you with the results on my MGB Roadster as to results while racing on the club run to France. This is a grueling run throughout the UK. A leaking fuel pressure regulator in the engine bay ruined my records for the first part of the trip. Fuel was being pumped out all over the place. This was some 400 miles into the trip. I started the figures again, and extended the test to include two long journeys with a good mix of driving conditions. In France, the test included stop-start, short journey s, hard driving and inclines. On the route back to the UK and from the south coast back to Wales, the driving was sustained high speeds and in the last hour over mountainous and country roads. The subsequent return trip to the Midlands to extend the test was again sustained speeds and mountainous terrain.
I was astonished at the increased pulling ability of the engine when the AquaTune unit was fitted. I have had so much fun with it using it on the performance setting that I haven't bothered with the economy setting. So the figures I quote perhaps could be improved, but who cares? I used straight distilled water for most of the test, but found that as you recommend, significant extra power can be obtained by adding Propanol. The mpg figures were not significantly affected either way with this 50% mix. The benefit to the hilly and mountainous driving is quite astounding. The car happily pulled up 10% inclines in fourth gear or third when bends are to be negotiated. Overdrive was not in of course, but the flexibility at all speeds was remarkable. Willingness and pulling power was noticeable and I may have a rolling road test one day. The car already has mild tuning with race-angled seats and valves, (hardened for unleaded use), polished inlet ports and stainless steel performance manifold and exhaust system. Electronic ignition is also fitted.
I have tested the car's fuel efficiency over many years before the AquaTune unit was fitted, and when tuned properly it returned 27 mpg. Over 1,477.3 miles under the conditions described the roadster returned 33.87mpg, an improvement of 25.43%, which is very impressive for older technology.
There is much interest by all who have seen it.
I joked not when I offered to be an agent for you in the UK, or Spain, (we are buying a second property over there), I believe in the product, and I have the market connections in classic car world.
I am well impressed and having fun - thank you very much.
Best regards,

Neil K. Perry

1979 MGB

Hi Nick and Ursula –Well, I told you that if the system worked to my satisfaction that I would provide a testimonial, so here it is.I'm very pleased, in fact extremely pleased, and downright ‘stoked' about the water injection system. My problem was pinging, and no matter what I did, and believe me I tried everything I could find, it seemed to have no effect. I could eliminate the pinging only if I severely retarded the timing but, then the overall performance suffered so badly that I could barely pull away from a stop.I found that for my car, it's a 1979 MGB, it's still best to run premium fuel, and straight distilled water. I know that some people mix the water with alcohol, and I have tried it myself but, for my car, water only has proven to be the best. I have gone to the next hotter plug, and I have found the optimum timing for all the variables. It took a while, lot's of road testing but, now…wow!Before the water injection, about the best I could get before pinging started was only 2700 RPM's…which is insanely low. But, now I can easily get to 3500 out of first, 4500 out of 2nd and, easily to 3500 or 4000 out of third! What a difference.I never track mileage on paper but, my wife and I take certain drives repeatedly, and I have a pretty good ‘feel' for fuel consumption, and I would say that your estimate of 25% increase in fuel economy is accurate. Today, we drove round-trip from Oceanside to Cardiff and used very little gas, probably less than a quarter tank.Nick, I'm very pleased, and I'll happily recommend this system to anyone.
Bruce and Nancy P.
Oceanside, CA

'79 Olds Cutlass

Hello Folks, Just had something I figured you might be interested in hearing. I recently installed an aquatune on my '79 Olds Cutlass with a '73 350 Rocket V-8. The power increase was awesome, part throttle torque hugely increased, and the fuel economy improved (I'm not sure how much yet. . . I've been enjoying the power increase a little too much). Anyways, I think the aquatune saved my motor though. . . I had a massive oil leak coming from under the (aftermarket) intake I put on the engine, so I pulled it off again and 
replaced the gaskets (with help from a friend). In the process of putting it all back together, we somehow forgot to tighten the heater hose down. On the test drive it blew off when I hit WOT and 30mph in 1st gear, covering the windshield in coolant. For some incomprehensible, stupid reason, I didn't bother to check the coolant level and simply re-attached the hose. Shortly afterward, I installed the aquatune. I kept thinking my car was running hot but for some reason didn't think to check the coolant level. Anyways, to make a long story short, I had the "hot" light come on and soon found that the radiator had very little coolant in it. I'm fairly certain that had I not had the combustion-cooling aquatune system on, I would have burned the engine up. But I just put some water in the radiator and went on my way, without a problem since. I'll get back to you as soon as I get some fuel economy numbers.Thanks for a great product,
Sam W.


Hi Nick,
This sysetm works GREAT! I have been running a 50/50 mix with Isopropyl Alcohol because of the cold weather. NO DETONATION. Since I am unable to advance the timing without the chip, I added a lower blower pulley that boosts 5 lbs. over stock which brings it to 14 lbs. total. Thanks for everything,


3.3L '84 Holden Commodore VK

Dear Nick,
I have the unit installed horizontally so that the logo can be read on it. I did several good runs and my fuel economy showed an improvement of approx. 33%. (This is a straight 6, 3.3L '84 Holden Commodore VK which is the same as the GM Vauxhall in the UK)..I will be testing some more and hopefully generate some orders for you. I was a little disturbed that your competitor at hydroboost is spreading his reports about your product as giving no improvement. I have tested his and other products and have gotten very little - at most - 10% gain. His product is a lot of fuss for nothing. 
In touch again soon,

Ford 302

Dear Ursula,I've just completed all the measurements on my Sunbeam Tiger (Ford 302, with a 4 barrel Holley carburetor), after the installation of the AquaTune system. The resu lts are really great! Horsepower without AquaTune: 269, Horsepower with the AquaTune: 306!Also, there is a big improvement in mileage but, I didn't make exact measurements because I do not care too much in this field.I made the measurements with my portable dyno (Gtech) but, most important, I feel the difference. The strange thing is that the engine goes better and better every day! Many thanks,
Pavlos V.
Athens, Greece

1970 Datsun 510 2.2L

Hi Nick, Houston, we have lift off!!! Turned on the unit for the first time with a fill-up in Florence. Basically lacking the needed courage, I filled up with Plus (one step back from the Super I'd been running) and headed south down 101. At Winchester Bay there is a long hill south of town and as I started to climb I thought I'd do a "ping check" so, under load in 5th I stepped down and, not only did the ol' gal not rattle herself to death, it accelerated. Not neck breaking but picking up speed. Never would have done any better than hold steady speed before.This is exactly the seat of the pants kind of stuff I'm looking to document with a fairly tired motor (130k+). Thanks,
Oregon City, OR


Hi Nick and Ursula,Just a quick note to wish you well and to let you know that my gas mileage has increas ed from 9 mpg to 11.5 mpg on my truck, thanks to you.
Salem, OR

96 Dodge Conversion Van 5.2 Liter

Dear Nick and Ursula,My two AquaTune Systems work fantastic. My 96 Dodge Conversion Van 5.2 Liter (318) went from 15.5 to 19.6 at 70 mph, (pushing a lot of wind, not very aerodynamic) without a hint of sparknock, like I had before. The engine really pulls strong and feels like it gained a lot of horsepower. My van has 65,000 miles and my next Dodge was going to have a 360 5.9 liter in it, but honestly, it would not run any better (and I tow over 10,000 lbs. I am a little over the tow rating, I know, by about 4,000 lbs!) So I will stay with the 318 and AquaTune. I also installed AquaTune on our 27 Sea Ray 454 EFI Year 2000, and it really came alive. The mix I like to use is 50% distilled water and 50% rubbing alcohol (91%). Nick and Ursula, you folks really take care of your customers, and thanks for excellent answers to my many quest ions. WHAT A PRODUCT!!
Larry Duchane
Bay City, MI

Saab 9000 2 liter turbo

This product is fantastic. Installed on Saab 9000 2 liter turbo. Fuel savings 25-30% but most noticeable is the whopping power gain. I estimate 30%, about the same gain as a turbocharger would. and I haven't advanced the ignition timing yet, the engine seems to run smoother as well. I add about 20% methylated spirits[ethanol]and a dash of 6 vol. [20%] hydrogen peroxide to the water. The peroxide itself gives a few extra KW as I've compared with and without the peroxide. I know peroxide is one type of rocket fuel. Thanks for a great invention. Regards,
Oz. (Australia)

2001 Grand Am 2.4L

Hi Nick, Just wanted you to know we installed the system on a 2001 Grand Am with a 2.4L engine. We started out with 18.9 mpg now we're up to 37 mpg. What an awesome system! We found the customer was ecstatic, to say the least.
San Jose, CA

‘87 Honda

My ‘87 Honda failed 3 smog tests. Even with an oil additive guaranteed to make it pass, it failed. Even with a new catalytic converter, it failed. It got ticketed and then impounded because I couldn't get it registered. The judge wanted me to donate the car to charity. I put an AquaTune unit on, passed the smog test and have a very zippy car now! I am satisfied because I did not want to do engine work OR give it away. It used to get 26 mpg and now gets 45 mpg and goes faster than the speedometer can keep track of.

1983 GMC pickup w/454

Dear AquaTune,We put one of your units on our 1980 Harley-Davidson. It ran so good we wanted before and after dyno reports and found that we had gained 4.5 hp and, in addition, 4.6 foot pounds of torque, also in addition to this, it greatly reduced the emissions. I was so excited with it that I put it on my 1983 GMC pickup w/454 and was amazed to find that I gained 5 more miles per gallon going from 9 mpg (at best) to a consistent 14 mpg, with a phenomenal increase in hp. And even with the lowest grade ga soline, no more pinging. Just a quick note to thank you again. I'm going to put a unit on all my rigs. Sincerely,
Tom Norris
Border Ridge Masonry

‘93 Chev. Cavalier

Dear Ursula and Nick,I had come to you to have an AquaTune installed on my ‘93 Chev. Cavalier because, as a widow on a fixed income, I needed to stretch my gas budget as much as possible and also I needed assistance in passing the emissions test. After putting on the AquaTune, not only did I pass the emissions but, where I had been getting, at best, only 15-17 mpg overall mileage, now I get 26.2 mpg.Thank you so much!!!
Hillsboro, OR

'68 Ford F100

Dear Nick, I installed your AquaTune system on my '68 Ford F100 pick-up that has a 390 engine and it really enhanced the performance. Under optimum driving conditions I achieved 27.6 mpg and normally had been only at 15 mpg. What a difference. Thanks for all your hard work in developing this invention! Regards,
South Carolina