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Warranty - Diesel

Aquatune International, will not be held liable for any damages, loss or injury sustained, however arising, present or future, known or unknown at this time, due and relating to improper installation and/or misuse of the Aquatune D, HS 320 HO, HS 320, HS 415 when used for other than the intended purpose; any flammable mixture, mineral spirits, or other liquids other than the allowable mixture of distilled water and methanol used only in the proportion as directed, in the water reservoir. Improper routing of hoses, the system or water tank; water mineral damage from any but the recommended type of water (steam distilled); or any engine damage to computer sensors caused by any of the above. The system must be installed (as directed by an authorized/trained installer). Any of the stated conditions being violated will cause immediate revocation of any stated or implied warranties and guarantees. With the conditions being met as directed, we guarantee and you can fully expect to gain a minimum of at least 15% and up to 45% increase in the fuel economy and up to a 30% increase in the horsepower depending on the vehicle and system configuration. Not all diesel engines are in proper condition to be able to realize the full expected benefits, please contact us if you have further questions and to make sure your engine will meet the requirements.

If any repairs need to be performed to a unit due to its having been in an accident and there are damages to the internal core, the cost for rebuilding the unit is the cost of parts and labor plus shipping. This does not include the cost for labor for removal and re-installation of the unit.

Warranty: Check product description for applicable warranty.

30-Day Money back policy

We have a 30-day money-back return policy if your unit does not give you the results advertised when installed as under the guidelines set out! Tampering with the unit in any way will void the refund policy. Any refunds will have the shipping fees deducted and a 20% or more re-stock fee may apply based on the condition of the components. The unit must be returned to the Distributor through whom it was purchased! By placing the order you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated. Refunds may not apply to sales outside the U.S.A and Canada


Aquatune International warrants that the Products shall be free from all defects and shall meet all written specifications. Personal use, units come with a 2-year warranty, and commercial units come with a 3-year warranty. Should there be any defects in the products manufactured by Aquatune International and such defects are caused by Aquatune International during the manufacturing process or the period in which we have control of the products. Aquatune International will be responsible for curing such defects for the period of time stated above. Aquatune International reserves the right to repair any defective products and not replace said defective products. Any tampering with products will void any warranty provided by Aquatune International.