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AquaTune Plus HB

  • Guaranteed 25% increase in fuel economy and gains of 35-65% are quite normal, with no ECU tuning !
  • Up to 30% increase in horse power, with our Xtreme Series!
  • Gets rid of harmful carbon deposits!
  • Pass previously failed DEQ checkouts
  • We have a 30-day Money-back guarantee.
  • Lowers oil temps by average 25 degrees.
  • Longer time between oil changes.

Aquatune Basic HB is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, water injection and utilizing a single hydrogen generator. This amazing device allows you to put money back in your pocket.

This system will fit to almost every gasoline/LPG engine. The only thing that may be different from one vehicle to the next is the point of injection. Some engines require an injector nozzle for every intake runner while other engines only require one injector nozzle after the throttle body. With additional generators added to the Basic HB, fuel efficiency and performance will dramatically increase especially with our most popular seller, Xtreme Series, utilizing an additional generator for every cylinder in your engine. Self-install friendly with the install kit and vehicle specific photo instructions included. Will typically not void new engine warranty. See US Code Title 15, Chapter 50, Sec. 2301-2312 of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Gasoline AquaTune Comparison Chart

Plus HB Basic

Plus HB Basic

Plus HB Xtended 1

Plus HB Xtended x 1

Plus HB Xtended 2

Plus HB Xtended x 2

Extreme 3 Way

Xtreme 3 Way

Extreme 4 Way

Xtreme 4 Way

Extreme 5 Way

Xtreme 5 Way

Extreme 6 Way

Xtreme 6 Way

Extreme 8 Way

Xtreme 8 Way

Extreme 10 Way

Xtreme 10 Way

Extreme 12 Way

Xtreme 12 Way

Benefits of the systems Aquatune International sells.

    Farther,Faster, Greener
  • The Basic HB and Xtreme Series are water / hydrogen injection systems that combine the benefits of both proven technologies in one compact install..
  • Produces 2.5L of hydrogen per minute per generator at under 1 amp.
  • More horsepower and a higher torque range throughout the acceleration curve in normal driving style, WOT drops the vacuum in the manifold and our system does not function at low vacuum .
  • Eliminates pre-detonation under normal driving conditions..
  • Enhanced turbo spool up.
  • Now able to use regular fuel instead of premium in most performance or race tuned cars.
  • Drastically prolongs engine life through cooler engine temps and reduced carbon buildup.
  • Will not harm the engine or the system, even if you run out of water
  • We never use electrolyte, or change any ECU or sensor settings, these vehicles are typically fully stock except for the systems we use.
  1. The Xtended HB model is simply made by adding 1 to 2 additional generators to the Basic HB single generator unit. This system simply offers increased performance in mileage with modest driveability performance increase. .

  2. The Xtreme Series was born several years ago, to see how far a regular stock vehicle's fuel efficiency and performance levels could be pushed without tuning or setting a CEL. What was discovered actually surpassed even our expectations ! With ourthe systems Aquatune International sells, working with the vehicle and not against it, we have yet to reach the limit of possible gains. Needless to say, this is our most popular seller of all our gaseous fuel products. We also build Double and Triple Xtreme systems for people that are just not satisfied with simply awesome gains, and need to take it to the next level.!