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It is advisable that you have a good baseline of current fuel economy, both in-town and highway driving, prior to purchasing an Aquatune International Fuel Systems unit and make certain that the fuel and injection delivery systems are working correctly. The O2 sensor needs to be replaced every 60,000 miles or 6 years, per manufacturer’s recommendations. (Do Not use an after-market product, only a manufacturer’s replacement!) This is to ensure the optimum performance and aftermarket or non-OEM may void the guarantee. Aquatune International will not guarantee to fix your vehicle, just make it run cleaner and more efficiently. Spark plugs should be either iridium or copper core. No Platinum plugs or spark plug components.

Aquatune International Fuel Systems, Inc. will not be held liable for any damages, loss or injury sustained, however arising, present or future, known or unknown at this time, due and relating to: Improper installation and/or misuse of the Aquatune International Fuel System, other than the intended purpose; any flammable mixture, mineral spirits, or other liquids other than the allowable 50/50 mixture of methanol, and distilled water throughout or in the water reservoir; improper routing of hoses, unit or water tank; water mineral damage from any but the recommended type of water (distilled only, not distilled drinking and not the kind intended for use in batteries such as from an automotive store); any engine damage to computer sensors caused by any of the above. The system MUST be installed as it was designed to be used per the instructions. Any of the stated conditions will cause an immediate revocation of any stated or implied warranties. If you install the unit according to directions (written and in special cases, verbal) and there are no other issues with your vehicle such as check engine lights being on, then we guarantee and, you can expect, to gain a minimum of at least a 25% increase in the fuel efficiency and up to 30% increase in driveability horsepower (Xtreme Series only). Most customers report even greater increases in the fuel economy. Considering the above requirements and proper settings, we can also ensure that you will easily pass all tailpipe emmission test parameters This guarantee in gains does Not apply for some Non stock vehicles, please ask us for details before purchasing. Non stock vehicles Typically see similar great response but since we do not know how the aftermarket parts affect your vehicle we cannot simply guarantee the same results, we do however help you to get the most possible for your application.

By signing upon receipt of the shipment you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated. Refunds May Not apply to sales outside the U.S.A. and Canada, to commercial applications and/or fleet accounts.

NOTE: DO NOT go through the Power Assist Vacuum Source feeding to the Brake Power Booster as your point of induction entry due to possible icing up of the line.

If any repairs need to be performed to a unit the cost is $100.00 plus shipping!

NOTE: It is important to replace the tubing from the processor (A) to the point of induction any time a tune-up is performed or engine work.

30-Day Money back policy

We have a 30-day money back return policy IF your unit does not give you the results when installed ONLY as under the guidelines set out! Any refunds given by Aquatune International will have a re-stock fee deducted as each unit has electrical components. The amount of the re-stock fee will be 15% or more, depending on the completeness and condition of the kit returned and do not include shipping charges or installation fees and are processed ONLY after the kit has been returned with insurance! Refunds on Special Offerings will be pro-rated over the number of units purchased. Special Orders, such as multiple generators, will have the standard re-stock fee charged.. Customers will incur the expense for returning the item.


Aquatune International warrants that the Products shall be free from all defects and shall meet all written specifications and drawings. Personal units come with a 2 year warranty, and the commercial units come with a 3 year warranty. Should there be any defects in the Products manufactured by Aquatune and such defects are caused by us during the manufacturing process or the period in which we have control of the products. Aquatune International will be responsible for curing such defects for the period of time stated above. Aquatune International reserves the right to repair any defective Products and not replace said defective Products. Any tampering with Products will void any warranty provided by Aquatune International. Not covered by this Warranty is the support accessaries used by the Aquatune International unit itself, water container, hoses , water filter, water pump , etc. Tech Support is offered by Aquatune International to ensure the proper installation and adjustments are made to the system to be able to guarantee the results, we will at times require the customers to deliver data to us concerning vehicle sensors function that can only be read by connecting a scanner to the vehicles diagnostic port. We have a scanner to use on your vehicle, but it takes your participation to read, accurately record, and deliver this information to us.We cannot guarantee results without your timely participation in this, with vehicles that do not respond as expected. There are not many of these vehicles less then 0.005 of all the vehicles we have done. However they do exist and they are frustrating when it happens, as the cause is usually not clear immediately. While putting a tuner on your vehicle is not usually recommended, this is a case where a tuner set on economy mode (changing the sensor stock outputs) can usually deliver the results anticipated, being very clear here we would much rather get the data from you and do it the hard way versus immediately resorting to a tuner, however some customers would rather use a tuner and we cannot make their decision for them.