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’96 Dodge Caravan, 2.4L

Dear Nick,
A friend of mine and I were discussing various gas-saving devices, including yours. So I took the plunge and ordered three of the standard AquaTune units, one for each of my vehicles. (’96 Dodge Caravan, 2.4L - ’88 Dodge Daytona, turbo-charged 2.5L & ’89 Dodge Daytona 2.5L, also turbo-charged). I stated to you that the turbo-chargers have adjustable waste gates and I have them up to 28PSi boost. I also told you that I could adjust this if it was too much for the system. Now, I’m getting back to you on the results…In Hawaii there is a lot of stop and go driving and a lot of traffic. I did NOT have to adjust my turbo-boost, not only that but this system took away all of the turbo lag. I went to the lowest octane rating in the gas I use and on both Daytona’s I am getting 32.7mpg. Phenomenal, huh? Now for the Dodge Caravan…with this vehicle I was getting, at best, 25.7 mpg and now I'm achieving 36.1mpg. Now that I have fully put this system to the test, the friend with whom I was having the discussion is also ordering the system.
Your system is saving me “buccoo” bucks.