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'00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L

Hello, I ordered your AquaTune water injection system several months ago after 2 of the guys at work installed the system on their truck and car. Was very skeptical, to say the least, whether or not they where running me a line of BS. After an email from you with how to install, very simple, I ordered it for my '00 Toyota Tundra, 4.7L, and received it 2 days later. Installed it that day after work in 20 minutes. Kept thinking to myself this is way to easy. So, to testing. I had kept 9 weeks worth of mpg data before installing. The first day was a noticeable increase in horse power. The first week mpg average was only 1 mpg increase. But, you instructions state that some vehicles take longer for the computer to reset. After about 500 miles, my average mpg jumped by 4 mpg which on my truck that brought it to 18mpg and that is great. Thank you.
Also living in south Houston area, my location went under mandatory evacuation orders during hurricane Rita. I spent 39 hours in my truck in traffic getting to OK . ( which normally takes 8 hours) The temps during the day where in the upper 90s. With the AquaTune system running I used less gas and kept my engine cooler. Thank you. 
Funny story to go along with this. Was at the Toyota dealer last night getting oil changed. Sitting in the waiting room watching TV when 6 of the mechanics came in the waiting area and started asking all kind of questions about the AquaTune system. They where fascinated with it. It got so bad that the service manager apologized to me. 
Thank you!
Michael L.