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2000 Winnebago V10

Fantastic!! Nick after you installed the system on my 2000 Winnebago that has the Ford V-10, I filled up the gas tank where it wouldn't take any more. I drove back to Newport, OR, 88 miles, I even had a head wind for about 20 miles, I don't know how much horsepower the engine gained, but it has to be a lot. I filled up again when I got back, it took 6.8 gal's, I tried to get more into the tank, but that is all it would take. I was getting 7.5 before and that was on I-5 cruising at 63 mph, on Hwy. 18 going up hills, having it kick out of overdrive I got 12.9 mpg. Thanks Nick you have really got a winner. Thanks again...
Ron R.
Newport, OR