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2002 Nissan Altima, 4 cyl

Dear AquaTune,
I installed my AquaTunePlus system on my 2002 Nissan Altima, 4 cyl. on 6/30/05 and left the next morning to visit our twin grandsons in Orange County, Calif. The increase in power was immediately evident – I couldn't wait to check the mileage, so when I got to Barstow, Calif., a total of 159 miles, I filled up to check my mileage. I was previously getting 21 mpg. I got 30mpg driving at 76mph on the cruise control – a whopping 42% increase! I also noticed that my temperature gauge was registering a lower temp. on my return trip to Nevada. As I entered Baker, Calif., called the Gateway to Death Valley – I knew I had to negotiate the Baker Grade – a 17 mile upgrade that starts at about 250 feet above sea level and goes to over 4,000 feet at the top. At the 16 mile warning there is a yellow Caution sign that reads “Turn off A/C for the next 16 miles to avoid overheating”, so I did just the opposite – I set the A/C at max. and the cruise control at 80mph. I passed over 18 cars on the side of the road that had heat related failures. When I crested at the top my temperature had not moved a centimeter! The two words I use to describe the performance are “Awesome & Unbelievable”. Thanks to AquaTune for their excellent assistance with the mechanic installing the system!
Don Bond
Las Vegas, NV